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10 Things That Can Wreck Your Home Sale

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Selling your home is a project on its own. However, with the right approach, you can sell your home within record time. To ensure an effective sale, it is important to avoid these pit-falls:
1. Excessive damage
Not everyone wants a “fixer-upper.” Whenever possible, repair serious damage before putting your home for sale. If the house seems like too much of a burden, many buyers may turn away.
2. Carpet in the bathroom
Although carpets are soft and fluffy, they are not ideal for bathrooms. Carpets get wet, which can result in mold and odors. Remove your carpet and opt for tile.
3. Big, nasty stains
Dirty carpets and stains are unattractive and buyers will turn away. Investing in a new carpet can lead to more views, a better selling price and most importantly, a sale.
4. Pet smells
Many are pet lovers, but no one likes pet odors. Deep clean your carpets and upholstery, invest in air fresheners and remove any pet evidence on the day of your open house.
5. Loud dogs barking
Barking happens, whether it’s your dog or not. However, it is wise to invest in doggie day care to eliminate the excessive noise the day of an open house.
6. Your dead lawn
An unattractive lawn may mean an unattractive house. Invest in some landscaping to make your home eye-catching.
7. Messy/crowded spaces
It is important to keep your kitchen and bathroom cabinets in order to avoid the illusion of the lack of space. Closets should not be over crowded either so it appears there is ample space for clothes and belongings.
8. Lack of compromise
It is important to compromise. If your inspection uncovers problems, be open to negotiation as that communication improves the chances of selling your home.
9. Outdated décor and color palette
It is important to adjust your décor to appeal to the largest group of potential buyers. A few simple updates can be the crucial detail to make your buyers fall in love with your home. A fresh coat of neutral paint, new door mats, and urns filled with fresh flowers adorning the entrance way improve eye appeal. Remove clutter and personal items such as stuffed animals and photographs to assist the potential buyers in visualizing the home as their own.
10. Put a For Sale Sign on your lawn and a lock box on your door. Having ease of entry is important as you don’t want to pass up a possible sale. If it is too difficult for an agent to view your home, you will miss potential buyers as they will move on to see another home instead.

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