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How to Prepare Your Home Before Listing It

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Things to do before listing your home








Before you list your home, there are several things that can be done both on the inside and outside to add value and assist in bringing in offers.

To do list for the inside of the house:

  1. Wash throw rugs in all the bedrooms and bathrooms; vacuum carpeting in every room; wash all the tile floors; sweep all the hardwood flooring and apply hardwood floor cleaner to make the wood floors shine.
  2. Wash the bedding /comforters as needed.
  3. Clean all the mirrors, sinks, tubs & toilets. Shine the faucets and clean the soap dish.
  4. Add a clean hand towel and nicely scented soaps add a nice touch
  5. Clean out the garage and attic.
  6. Dust everything-furniture, baseboards, ceiling fans, lamps, etc.
  7. Remove clutter and organize all cabinets, drawers, closets and pantry.
  8. Clean microwave, oven and refrigerator
  9. Clean the inside of all windows.
  10. Replace light bulbs as needed
  11. Touch up/repaint walls to remove marks or to update in a neutral color
  12. Replace worn sofa or bed pillows
  13. Add scented candles or fresh flowers to brighten a room and add a pleasant fragrance.

To do list for the outside of the house:

  1. Trim the bushes, rake the lawn, and cut the lawn.
  2. Sweep the front and back walkways leading to the house as well as the front steps and landing areas.
  3. Touch up/paint the outside of the home as needed.
  4. Clean all the outside windows.
  5. Make sure the gutters are free of debris.
  6. Sweep the backyard patio and deck.
  7. Weed the garden and plant colorful flowers near the front door.
  8. Add urns filled with colorful plants to adorn the front and back doors.
  9. Make sure the mailbox is in good condition and that the house number is clearly visible.



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